Globally renowned as a place where innovators solve societal challenges. Our ambition for Leeds City Region is global. We want to compete with the most developed city and regional ecosystems around the world, differentiated in particular by our capacity to innovate global societal challenges.

What is the MIT REAP program?

Leeds City Region was part of Cohort 6 alongside Campania (Italy), Denmark, Guayaquil (Ecuador), Kentucky, Lebanon, Monterrey (Mexico), Oslo and Sydney, which started in October 2018. MIT REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program) provides opportunities for communities around the world to engage with MIT in an evidence-based, practical approach to strengthening innovation-driven entrepreneurial (IDE) ecosystems.

This is done by translating research insights into practical frameworks, convening stakeholders focused on IDE, and educating regional leaders through team-based interaction to achieve economic and social impact.

Why did we choose MIT REAP?

Our aims from the program

  • Backing innovators and entrepreneurs in business and social enterprises
  • Employers and people at the heart of the skills system
  • Working together to create better jobs; tackle low pay and boosting productvty
  • Promoting Leeds and the City Region

Who is team leeds city region?

Our team was made up of representatives from public and private sector organisations working alongside colleagues from the world of academia.

We are pleased to join the alumni and become one of the 45+ regions all over the world that MIT REAP has helped with their goal to achieve economic and social impact