What is MIT REAP?

In their own words, MIT REAP is designed for high-level teams selected from regions dedicated to working alongside MIT faculty over a 2-year period to drive innovation-driven entrepreneurship in their city, region or country. Regional teams of 5-8 leaders drawn from 5 stakeholder groups (government, risk capital, universities, entrepreneurs, and corporations) work collectively with one another, with others from their region, with MIT thought leaders and with other teams to build an action-based strategy for change.

This hybrid educational, economic development, and convening program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ultimately enables regional stakeholders to accelerate economic growth and social progress. At its core, the program draws on MIT research that emphasizes an ‘innovation ecosystem’ framework focused on the distinct yet interdependent roles of innovative capacity (the ability to develop new technology) and entrepreneurial capacity (the ability to scale startup businesses). It builds on evidence that successful regions link entrepreneurship and innovation to uncover a comparative advantage through innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE).

Up to 8 diverse regions comprise a Cohort, which engages with MIT faculty (and one another) to leverage MIT expertise and frameworks in an action-based learning program. The program ultimately culminates in the delivery of collective action focused on accelerating innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Teams build their activities in five phases over the course of two years.

The approach

Accelerate innovation driven entrepreneurship through collective impact to deliver (inclusive) economic growth. Four workshops over two years with structured work in-between

1. Analysis

2. Strategy

3. Implementation

4. Sustainability